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The proven method for developing evidence-based stories

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Why join this course?

Motivate and mobilise audiences by designing and delivering compelling insight reports and presentations

The difference between reports and presentations that stick and spread throughout the organisation and just another interesting piece of information that sits on the server has rarely anything to do with the quality of the insight itself, but the quality of how that insight is communicated.

That is why it is imperative as insight professionals that we build our capabilities in storytelling.

Building effective stories that engage audiences, motivate decision makers, and mobilise action takers is possible - with the right roadmap, ways of working and blueprints.

Whether you are creating a monthly strategic update for the Board, designing a new dashboard for the operation from scratch, or proactively sharing key trends and insights from projects with stakeholders, or even pitching your project, you can master the tools to deliver great stories.

This course is led by Caroline Florence, founder of Insight Narrator - a specialist agency that works with teams to tell more compelling business stories.

An introduction from your course tutor, Caroline Florence

Who is this course for?

Insight Managers

Learn to create meta-stories from multiple sources for greater impact with stakeholders

Qualitative & Quantitative Researchers

Learn to align research insights to metrics that matter to create commercial stories that gain traction

Analysts & Data Scientists

Learn to turn thousands of data points into clear and compelling narratives

What will you learn?

By the end of this course you'll be able to apply storytelling principles to any presentation, reports and papers to increase engagement, build traction with your message, and motivate action

This course comprises of three x two hour live, interactive modules, supported by on-demand bite size tutorials and assignments.

Module 1: The Story Build Roadmap

A proven structure and way of working to help avoid the pain from turning lots of information into a compelling insight narrative

Module 2: Formula for Creative Success

Access to templates, tools and examples to inspire you to be more creative with your content

Module 3: Execution Blueprint

Best practice hints and tips to package and launch your story for greater traction

What's in each module?

Each module contains live tuition, hands-on interaction and practical course materials


Each module includes a short video tutorial, module workbook and additional digital content to inspire and provoke thinking

Live Campus Sessions

Receive expert coaching support from an organisational storytelling expert and work with your peers in breakout sessions to apply the skills in practice

Practical Activities and Personal Reflection

This programme is progressive with an individual assignment running through the 3 modules

Module 1: The Story Build Roadmap

Date: Wednesday 9th September 2020
Time: Session 1: 8-10am UK time
What you will learn

  • The story build process and ways of working - what you need to do differently to make it happen
  • How to develop a story premise that will engage your audience by aligning it to what they care about
  • How to turn thousands of data points and observations into a story using a narrative structure
  • How to storyboard your presentations and reports to ensure the story doesn't get lost in all the supplementary detail

Module 2: Formula for Creative Success

Date: Wednesday 16th September 2020
Time: Session 1: 8-10am UK time
What you will learn

  • Why humans need more than logic and numbers to take action
  • How to create engaging hooks that draw your audience into your story
  • How to translate your story into compelling copy that motivates and inspires your audience
  • How to visualise your story to ensure comprehension of the argument and supporting evidence

Module 3: Execution Blueprint

Date: Wednesday 23rd September 2020
Time: Session 1: 8-10am UK time
What you will learn

  • Developing a campaign mindset to your communications
  • How to land the story with your audience (in the room of over video conference)
  • How to incorporate micro-content to both prime and nudge your audience to act on the message
  • How to evaluate if your story has been successful and test whether your message has been understood and assimilated into plans, strategies and activities

Who is the course tutor?

Caroline Florence

Founder, Insight Narrator

Since launching in 2012 Insight Narrator has helped thousands of professionals across insight, data, strategy, CX and marketing increase the impact of what they do.

Caroline is a thought leader in insight generation, storytelling and data communication, as well as using insight to drive decisions and action within organisations.

Caroline regularly runs sessions for the MRS, ESOMAR, DataIQ, CIM, Women in Data and Women in Research.

Prior to establishing Insight Narrator, Caroline spent 15 years working in market research, competitor intelligence and data analytics roles on the both the supplier and client side, including Masterfoods, Bass Retail and the Royal Mail Group, as well as Synovate and Incite.

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Feedback from Insight Narrator training delegates

"This was the most valuable and actionable training I've ever had.

It was clear Caroline has a passion for getting it right and the stories about how other insight functions have landed these changes and created positive impact really landed why this is important."

Research Manager, Retail Client

"The training fundamentally changed the way I work and think about relationships, proposals and reports.

I now spend more time understanding the underlying client hypothesis, am more confident offering my points of view based on past research and knowledge, and make clearer evidence-based recommendations than I did in the past."

Director, Research Agency

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your time recently supporting the C1 team at TGB.

I know from the feedback from my team that they have really valued your input and support on developing the board presentation."

Head of CX Data, Automotive Client

"Caroline is the personification of insight passion, ensuring it comes across in both word and deed.

It is this combination that inspires the audience as she addresses - and I have had the privilege of being in them on more than one occasion - that provokes them to do things differently the next day."

Head of Intelligence, Telco Client

"We set up a strategic partnership with Caroline to support us with our storytelling and presentation development.

Caroline rewarded as with a tailored programme that went way beyond training.

Caroline set us up with a strategic framework to ensure that her insights were truly embedded and set us going on culture change around how we deliver our results.

I really enjoyed working with Caroline, but more importantly, so did all of the team that attended her sessions."

Director, Research Agency

Insight Narrator Training Clients 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Insight managers, researchers and data analysts who want to translate their work into high impact, motivating, commercial narrative. If you want to influence others with your research and data, this course is for you.   

This course runs periodically throughout the year. Please use the form below to make an enquiry.

The standard course costs £495. Custom sessions for teams are designed according to specific requirements and priced accordingly.

For standard course sessions, we offer discounts of 20% if there are several participants from the same organisation.

Please contact us using the form below to discuss your requirements.

The course is being led by Caroline Florence, founder of Insight Narrator .  

The course is curated and hosted by Insight Platforms, which is a trading name of What Next Strategy & Planning Ltd.

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