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Research Tech

Get up to speed on the business of research technology

Join this 8-part masterclass series led by Mike Stevens. Learn about the main trends driving research tech; how the landscape is changing; the new types of buyers; and much more.

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B2B SaaS Trends - Implications for Research Technology - Featured Image

B2B SaaS Trends and Implications for Research Technology

Ten key trends driving B2B SaaS and what they mean for research technology: consumerisation, overwhelmed buyers, empowered users, No Code / Low Code platforms and more.

The Research Technology Market Landscape

The Research Technology Market Landscape

Learn about the shifting boundaries of the research technology market, evolving sub-categories, new types of supplier, the role of machine learning, changing workflows and more.

The Ten Tribes of Research Technology Buyer

The Ten Tribes of Research Technology Buyer

Learn how customers are changing; how research technology is being adopted by new users; where the biggest opportunities are emerging; all illustrated with pragmatic customer personas.

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