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Get a head start with this essentials accelerator course for research, data and insights

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Learn about the key research terms, methods and concepts in bite-sized video lessons

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Learn at your own pace with on-demand content and join live sessions to go deeper and ask questions

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Learn throughout the year by re-visiting any module or catching up on anything you missed

Welcome to the Research Essentials Accelerator Course

This research course will give you the knowledge and confidence to hit the ground running with research. Whether you’re starting your career or moving into the research industry for the first time, this course will give you the solid foundation you need.

Our 8-week programme is 100% online and covers the 8 biggest topics in research, data and insights.

You’ll learn about the basic principles, core techniques and essential language of the industry.

How does the course work?

The course is made up of 8 complete modules. Each weekly module includes:

Self-paced video lessons

Watch on-demand. Watch on any device. Dip in or out on your own schedule. Individual lessons are between 5 and 15 minutes long.

Live discussion & instructor Q&A

Live weekly sessions include the option to re-cap key learnings, ask questions and discuss with fellow students.

What does the course cover?

Each module in the course will immerse you in the world of research through practical lessons, clear explanations and real life examples.

Each topic is carefully designed to give you a well-rounded understanding of the core concepts using language and principles that are easy-to-understand, even for complete novices.

Research Essentials Accelerator Course Modules

1. Essentials of Market Research

A pragmatic introduction to market research: background, essential terms, and practical uses across various industries.

Course Instructor

Course Duration

2 hours on-demand video lessons

1.5 hrs live online discussion

  • History of market research
  • Structure of the research Industry
  • Essential market research concepts
  • Practical applications of market research
  • Market research in various industries

2. Essentials of Survey Research

An introduction to the basics of survey research covering the main uses, limitations and alternative methods.

Course Instructor

Course Duration

2 hours on-demand video lessons

1.5 hrs live online discussion

  • What surveys are good for
  • Different survey use cases and examples
  • Problems and limitations with surveys
  • Alternatives and complements to surveys

3. Essentials of Qualitative Research

Learn about the role of qualitative research, its uses, applications and differences between online and offline methods.

Course Instructor

Course Duration

2 hours on-demand video lessons

1.5 hrs live online discussion

  • History of qualitative research
  • Key applications for qualitative research
  • Methods and tools for qualitative research
  • Limitations of qualitative research

4. Essentials of UX Research

Learn the core principles and frameworks of UX Research, including usability testing, observations, product analytics and more.

Course Instructor

Course Duration

2 hours on-demand video lessons

1.5 hrs live online discussion

  • What UX and product research is for
  • Differences between UX & market research
  • Qualitative methods for UX research
  • Quantitative UX and user / product analytics

5. Essentials of Brand Research

Learn the power of brands, the main tools for great brand surveys and the most important types of surveys to help brands grow.

Course Instructor

Course Duration

2 hours on-demand video lessons

1.5 hrs live online discussion

  • Introduction to brands and brand health
  • Brand mapping & positioning research
  • Brand penetration & tracking research

6. Essentials of Advertising Research

Learn the basics of advertising research: concepts, language, methods, and practical examples for different types of advertising.

Course Instructor

Course Duration

2 hours on-demand video lessons

1.5 hrs live online discussion

  • History and role of advertising
  • Important concepts in advertising
  • Different methods for advertising research
  • Practical examples & case studies

7. Essentials of Innovation Research

Learn essential innovation research concepts and methods to identify opportunities and develop new products.

Course Instructor

Course Duration

2 hours on-demand video lessons

1.5 hrs live online discussion

  • The context and rationale for innovation
  • Key innovation concepts
  • Research through the innovation funnel
  • Practical innovation research examples

8. Essentials of Data Analytics

Understand the benefits and uses for data analytics, and the main ways to describe, diagnose and predict behaviour using data.

Course Instructor

Course Duration

2 hours on-demand video lessons

1.5 hrs live online discussion

  • Basic data analytics concepts and terms
  • Exploring the key data analytics methods
  • Practical applications of analytics
  • Combining analytics with other approaches

Course Reviews

Previous students have loved this course:

4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 14 reviews)
Very good29%

New to market research

May 20, 2024

This has been super helpful and clear! Thank you!

Excellent overview of data analytics

April 22, 2024

Really enjoyed this course. It is incredibly accessible, focusing on core applications and business issues each approach looks to solve.

Ensuring UX skills/knowledge is up-to-date

April 17, 2024

I am a very experienced MR professional – I wanted to ensure my UX knowledge was up-to-date with the evolving UX landscape and found this to be very useful and easily accessible/applicable.

Thank you! Loved the examples at the end!

March 14, 2024

Everything was great! I loved to see the examples at the end.

Qualitative Course

March 6, 2024

What a nice and accessible way to illustrate the various elements of qualitative research. I would indeed call this course – Booless 😉

When do the live sessions take place?

Each weekly live session will take place every Tuesday at 5pm UK time between Sept 17th and Nov 12th

US / Canada West Coast: 9am PST

US / Canada East Coast: Midday EST

UK: 5pm GMT

Europe: 18h CET

Who is the Research Essentials Accelerator Course for?


Novice Researchers

Starting out? Get a solid foundation in research methods and tools. Already experienced? Learn about new or unfamiliar areas to increase your impact with colleagues, stakeholders or clients.

Clients and Buyers of Research

Working in-house with insights, data or research? This course will give you a clear understanding of the different methods, use cases and applications for research. Meet stakeholder needs better and work smarter with suppliers.

Marketing & Sales Teams

Driving growth for a research agency, data provider or tech firm? Understand the language of research, the key methods and principal use cases so you can create better content and have smarter conversations with customers.

SaaS & Product Teams

Building research tech products and features? Find out why users do research, how they apply it in their businesses and what they need from software tools so you can design and ship solutions that stick.

Enrol in the Research Essentials Accelerator Course


All 8 on-demand and live modules

12 months’ continued access to all materials from date of course completion

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Pay by credit card

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Frequently Asked Questions

The next course will start on Sept 17th 2024.

Over 8 weeks, you will cover 8 different modules that span a wide range of research methods and commercial applications. For each module, there are on-demand, video-based lessons and one live weekly session. The course is 100% online and can be taken on desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

Each on-demand module is 90-120 mins in total, comprising 10-20 video-based lessons which vary in length between 5 and 15 minutes each. You can start and stop whenever you like and pick up where you left off on a different device.

If you don’t have time to complete all the lessons in a module each week, don’t worry. We will provide a brief recap of the main points in the live sessions. You will also have access to all on-demand lessons for 12 months so you can re-visit anything later.

The live sessions will last 90 minutes. The first 30 mins will include a re-cap of the main points from the module’s on-demand lessons. The remaining time will be split between open discussion and focused Q&A on specific topics.

We know that it’s hard for everyone to attend every live session, so these will be recorded; you will also be able to access the live session recordings for 12 months after the course ends.

Each on-demand module lasts for up to 2 hours. Each live session lasts for up to 90 minutes. The total study time across all 8 modules will be around 30 hours.

You will have access to all course materials and videos for 12 months.

You can enrol yourself instantly and pay by credit card.

You can also enrol a colleague or several team members here.

Yes, you will receive your certificate on completion of the course.


Have questions about the Research Essentials Accelerator Course?

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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