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Micro-learning for busy people

Short courses. 60-120 mins. Bite-sized video lessons. Dip in and out on your own agenda.

Learn the basics of core research & analytics methods with these 101 introductions

Essential learning for buyers and builders of research technology

Deepen your research expertise in key methodologies and tools

Deepen your research expertise in key methodologies and tools

Live online training courses and workshops

Dan Young – Shed Consulting – Insight Platforms Academy


Essentials of Market Research

Learn the basics of market research

Intended for people who are new to research and just need a guide to the basics. You might work in a marketing team, a research tech firm or a data provider; you might be starting your career as a researcher in an agency or in-house insights team.

Wherever you work, this on-demand course will give you a head start in the essentials of market research.

You’ll learn

  • The context of market research: who does what in the industry?
  • The language and concepts you need to know: key terms and the most common tools and methods
  • Practical uses for research: the research questions different industries have – and how they answer them

Mike has worked with most market research methods in most industries over the years. This course distills that knowledge into simple, digestible lessons for anyone who needs a beginner’s guide.



Accelerate your career, whatever your role

Research & Insights

Just starting out? Get a solid foundation in research methods and tools. Already an expert? Learn the basics of new or unfamiliar methods to increase your impact with colleagues, stakeholders or clients.

Product Management

Building technology for research and analytics? Learn about the landscape, market dynamics and key trends in ResTech. Researching your own users? Get the skills to understand them better.

Marketing & Sales

Learn the basic features and terminology for essential research methods. Use your understanding to create better content for your target audience and have more informed conversations with sales prospects.

Executive Leadership

Get distilled learning to help steer your team, agency or software firm. Understand the latest trends in research tech, get ahead of software innovations and stay updated on key research methods.


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