The Research Technology Business School

  • Intermediate Level
  • 12 Hours to Complete

On-Demand Strategy for the Research Tech Industry

Expert masterclass series for builders, buyers and users of research technology.

Learn the trends shaping the industry; the evolving landscape; new types of customer; the hallmarks of great research tech; and much more.

Across 8 modules and over 100 bite-sized video lessons, you’ll get unique insights, dozens of practical examples and strategic recommendations

B2B SaaS Trends - Implications for Research Technology - Featured Image

B2B SaaS Trends and Implications for Research Technology

Ten key trends driving B2B SaaS and what they mean for research technology: consumerisation, overwhelmed buyers, empowered users, No Code / Low Code platforms and more.

The Research Technology Market Landscape

The Research Technology Market Landscape

Learn about the shifting boundaries of the research technology market, evolving sub-categories, new types of supplier, the role of machine learning, changing workflows and more.

The Ten Tribes of Research Technology Buyer

The Ten Tribes of Research Technology Buyer

Learn how customers are changing; how research technology is being adopted by new users; where the biggest opportunities are emerging; all illustrated with pragmatic customer personas.

An Introduction to Product Led Growth

An Introduction to Product Led Growth

Learn the main benefits of Product Led Growth for research technology: using software for marketing, sales, onboarding, retention and expansion. Also explains where PLG is not an appropriate strategy.

Winning Attributes of Great Research Technology

Winning Attributes of Great Research Technology

Learn what makes a great research technology product with principles and examples across sub-categories. Includes user experience and design components, integrations, portability, product education and more.

Critical Differences Between Agency & Technology Business Models

Critical Differences Between Agency and Technology Business Models

Learn how the business models for professional services and software companies vary. Includes differences in capital investment, revenue models, staff profiles, growth process and more.

The Key Choices for Agencies Launching Technology

The Key Choices for Agencies Launching Technology

Learn the critical business decisions facing agencies when creating software tools: how to package hybrid solutions and standalone products; technical development options; branding; cannibalisation risk and more.

Research Technology Trends for the Next Five Years

Research Technology Trends for the Next Five Years

Learn the key drivers of change and likely scenarios: the emergence of dominant platforms and ‘SuperApps’; changes in the buyer landscape; new technology procurement / management roles; and more.


Mike Stevens

Consultant at What Next Strategy & Founder, Insight Platforms

Mike is a leading consultant, advisor and writer at the intersection of technology, research and analytics. He is a frequent speaker at international events including IIEX, Quirks and ESOMAR.

His consulting practice, What Next, advises global insights teams, agencies and research technology providers on strategy, transformation and skills development.

Mike is also the founder and editor of Insight Platforms, which hosts the world’s largest specialist directory of research technology, as well as live events and training courses for insights professionals.

He has 20 years’ experience in research, software and consulting firms including Vision Critical, where he led the EMEA region; and Kantar, where he managed regional business units and global accounts.

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